ACA Life Members

Life Membership of the Australian Cartoonists Association acknowledges the service of individuals. Inductees are awarded life membership by three ways: Recipients of the Jim Russell Award (formally the Silver Stanley until 2002) for significant contribution to Australian cartooning, or by convention; presidential discretion on behalf of the committee or has been a president who has served a minimum two terms in office.

Doug Albion* President (1958-1964, 1974)
Michael Atchison* Jim Russell Award 2007
Wayne Baldwin Editor of association newsletter Inkspot.
Cole Buchanan* Silver Stanley 1995
Jim Bridges Jim Russell Award 2008
John Champion*
/Rotary Club Of Coffs Harbour City
Silver Stanley 1993
Ian Cox President (1979 and 1982)
Les Dixon* Silver Stanley 1994
Roger Fletcher Silver Stanley 1999
Lindsay Foyle President (1994-1996, 2000), Silver Stanley 1992 + Silver Ice Bucket 1992
Bill Green* Jim Russell Award 2003
Rolf Heimann Presidential discretion 2007, Jim Russell Award 2011
Norm Hetherington* Presidential discretion 2008, Jim Russell Award 2009
Geoff Hook Silver Stanley 1998
Mick Horne Presidential discretion 2009 for services to committee
Jenny Hughes Silver Stanley 2000
James Kemlsey* President (1988-1990, 2003-2006), Silver Stanley 1990
Elizabeth Lambert Presidential discretion 1997 for services to committee
Vane Lindesay Silver Stanley 1988
Steve Panozzo President (1992-1993, 1997-1999), Jim Russell Award 2010
Bruce Petty Silver Stanley 2001
Russ Radcliffe Jim Russell Award 2013
Tony Rafty* Silver Stanley 1996
Paul Rigby* Jim Russell Award 2006
Dan Russell* Silver Stanley 1991
Jim Russell* President (1955-1957, 1965-1973), Silver Stanley 1985
Allan Salisbury Jim Russell Award 2005
John Thorby Silver Stanley 1985

* deceased

Corporate Life Members

State Library of NSW Silver Stanley 1989
Talking Pictures (Insiders, ABC TV) Jim Russell Award 2012
Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance Jim Russell Award 2014
“For Gorsake; Stop laughing, this is serious!”
(National Library of Australia)
Jim Russell Award 2015