Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered directly here, please use our contact page to submit your question.

How do I join the ACA?

Anyone can join the ACA — you can find out more information on our membership categories by visiting our Join page.

How do I become a cartoonist?

Many resources can be found online. Or joining the ACA can provide you with networking opportunities — we have many members active on social media, and social activities in each State. The ACA has both public and members-only Facebook pages where you can ask for advice. Unfortunately the ACA cannot provide job opportunities or work experience for people wishing to be a cartoonist, and there are no cartooning courses that we know of in Australia. Good luck!

What art materials should I use?

That depends on your personal taste. We recommend you try different types of art materials. Many professional cartoonists have gone digital and are using tablet products made by

How can I find out about an original cartoon I have found?

Just scan in the cartoon and email it to The ACA may be able to identify the cartoonist. However we don’t provide advice on the value of original cartoons as there are too many variables. Only the very big name cartoonists and specific original cartoons may have value.

Are my cartoons covered by copyright?

Yes. Under the Copyright Act you are automatically covered. You can learn more about copyright by visiting or

Do you provide public liability insurance for members?

While ACA activities are covered by the association’s own public liability insurance, we do not provide PLI schemes for individual members. We recommend a search online for your own PLI. While most insurance companies provide PLI, there are several smaller organisations who specifically provide cover for working artists:, and

Should I have my own superannuation scheme?

If you are self-employed have a chat with your accountant. There are many super schemes to choose from. The ACA recommends

How do I earn an income every time my cartoons are used?

The ACA does not recommend you give your work away. A great way to earn royalties on your cartoons is by becoming a member of royalty collection agency

My cartoons have been used without my permission. What do I do?

Under law you are protected. The ACA recommends Arts Law ( and Copyright Agency ( to act on your behalf to protect your work.

I joined as an Associate member but have become professional, can I upgrade my membership?

Yes you can apply to become a Full member. If you are already an Associate member you can simply send the Membership Secretary the required documents to have your application processed and approved to become a Full member.

I have another question not listed here. What do I do?

Send off an email to the ACA via and we will try to help you.